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Monday 6/4/2001
Downieville is home to premiere California singletrack. Our first downhill run of the day started at 9:30am and we had the whole trail to ourselves. Wasn't expecting the little creek uphill climbs on Butcher Ranch but it was great singletrack coming down. Didn't see another soul until we came across a hiker on the lower 1st Divide. Pinch flatted about 50ft away from the paved road at the end of the ride.

Second run of the day was supposed to start at 11:30am, but the other scheduled riders got lost on the drive to Downieville so we were all rescheduled for 1pm. Ended up grabbing some sandwiches and drinks from town during the interim. Met up with some cool Canadians--Gord and Monique. We probably would've made some minor detours trying to find the start of Pauley Creek if it wasn't for them. Ended up pinch flatting on Lonnie's downhill rental on Pauley Creek. As Pauley Creek intersected Butcher Ranch, we came across another rider who had a gash in his tube that was too big to patch. That rider tied his tube in a knot and stuffed grass in the knot section to ride down. Gave him Lonnie's rental tube to patch and use.

Ended the day with 30 miles over two downhill runs. First run (600ft of climb and 4630ft of descent) was Butcher Ranch, Second Divide, and then lower First Divide-did have slight trouble finding the start. Second run (300ft of climb and 4010ft of descent) was Pauley Creek, Butcher Ranch, Third Divide, Upper First Divide, and then the fireroad out.

Friday 6/1/01 Flume Trail
Saturday 6/2/01 Mr. Toad's Wild Ride
Sunday 6/3/01 America's Most Beautiful Bike Ride
Monday 6/4/01

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