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America's Most Beautiful Bike Ride '01

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Carnelian Bay   
Tahoe Pines   
Tahoe Pines   
Carnelian Bay   
Road Sign   
Lake Tahoe   
Sunday 6/3/2001
We picked up our ride packets the day before the ride. As we bundled up and waited for Brent at 6:40am, the sun gradually rose and cast off any notions of full fingered gloves and other warm clothing. Ended up starting directly from the cabin at 7am and joining the official ride route about 6 miles into the ride. Finished the day with 84 road miles (72 miles of it riding around the lake) and lots of photos.

The rest stops were spaced out about 15 miles apart making this one of the most well supported and organized rides I've ridden. Will definitely ride around the lake a few more times in the future with http://www.bikethewest.com/ who hold this event.

Friday 6/1/01 Flume Trail
Saturday 6/2/01 Mr. Toad's Wild Ride
Sunday 6/3/01
Monday 6/4/01 Downieville

Now for Brent's version of events...

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