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Mission & Monument Peaks

The Mission Peak Regional Preserve is located in the city of Fremont right above Ohlone College. A trail connects the Mission Peak Preserve with Ed R. Levin Park in Milpitas. Monument Peak sits on the border between the two areas.

Mission & Monument Peaks has three different facets: bright and sunny view of the bay, above the clouds, and night (since Mission Peak is open until 10pm). For hikers, starting from the Stanford Avenue entrance is the direct route to the top. For mountainbikers, starting from the Ohlone College side provides a more gradual ascent.

Click on any of the pictures below for a larger detailed image.

Peak Lookout
At the summit.

Western view from the top of Mission Peak overlooking the S.F. Bay

cow more cows
There's a good chance you'll see lots of cows up close while at this preserve.

cloudscow cloud picture
When there's morning cloud cover, you can climb above the clouds.

Monument Peak SE View
Southeastern view from Monument Peak

Visit the East Bay Regional Park site for further information.

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