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Terrible Two '06

Saturday 6/17/06
203 miles with 16k of climb

Well I finished it. Toughest ride I've ridden to date. http://www.srcc.com/tt.html At mile 98, the spring in my left titanium eggbeater pedal snapped so I couldn't clip in. Managed to pedal seated for another 12 miles to the lunch stop at 12:45pm. The bike mechanic didn't have any spare eggbeater springs and he didn't sell any types of pedals. Managed to talk a sag driver into driving me to the nearest bike shop (16 miles into Healdsburg and 16 miles back). Left the lunch stop at 2:10pm with new pedals installed to climb Skaggs Rd during the hottest part of the day. Saw 108 degrees on the Polar watch with the heat radiating off the asphalt. Finished off two water bottles in 10 miles so I had to flag down a sag driver for more water. Soon as I dropped down to the coast, the temperature dropped to 65. Finished at 9:49pm and still got a t-shirt (10pm is the free t-shirt cutoff). Would've finished in daylight if my pedal hadn't busted.

Polar watch stats: 203 miles with 16499ft of climbing

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