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Treez and Breeze '98

The '98 Treez and Breeze Race will certainly be my most memorable. I'll never forget my plate number, total time, and finish. I didn't plan it that way. I was trying to be 1st!

I held back just a little at the end since I wanted to sprint to the finish, but the course ended up 2.5 miles shorter than expected. The beginner course was billed as 13 miles but ended up being 9.5 miles.

Didn't win anything (prizes were only awarded to the top 3 finishers per class) and I ended up with poison oak for two weeks afterwards.

Got out there and raced hard (no speed limits!), felt great, and got another pair of socks.

If you do this race and you're allergic to poison oak, apply the Ivy Block and bring the Technu. They don't cut back the poison oak on this course--if they did, they didn't do a good job. The dirt road leading into the area was also quite harsh on my car so either drive in slow or find someone with a truck.

Racer 666
Cruising to the Finish Line

Finish Place: 6th
Time Behind First: 6 Minutes
Total Time: 66 Minutes
Rider Number: 666

Minutes     Heart Rate
  0            99
  5           179
 10           179
 15           181
 20           178
 25           171
 30           160
 35           149
 40           146
 45           171
 50           174
 55           181
 60           168
105           140

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