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2008 Santa Cruz Sentinel Triathlon

"Sea Lions Have The Right of Way"

Day before the Race
Picked up my race packet and swim cap the day before the race. Once again, my age group dons the 'blue' swim cap but it doesn't phase me this time. After finishing Alcatraz, swimming around the wharf is no problem. Just have to get used to 55 degree water again.

Day of the Race 9/21/08
I pull myself out of bed at 4:30am and I'm on the road by 5:00am since the course is an hour away. I want to be sure to get a good transition area for my 8:10am wave start. Managed to get $5 in change from the hotel across from the parking meter.

Setup my transition area and walked around noting the swim entrance, bike out/bike entrance, and run out / finish line. Saw a few friendly faces from my open water swim clinic setting up as well.

The Swim
Starts at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk and swims around the wharf. For the first 10 minutes, my face was freezing and I didn't feel like putting my head down in the frigid water. After 10 minutes my face went numb and then I was fine. About 2/3 to the end of the wharf I spot a brown rock up ahead. On my next breath, I realize the rock is moving at me. Me and another swimmer stop and let the sea lion pass. After that, a lifeguard on a surfboard glides inbetween us to make sure we're alright.

The Bike
Felt pretty good on the bike. Averaged just under 21mph on the rolling 40k course.

The Run
Felt pretty bad the first mile or so but then the running legs kicked in and I felt fine. Managed to finish the 10k run with a sprint at the end and I came in with an 8:01/min mile average. If I knew I was that close to break into the 7 minute range I would've sprinted sooner.

Notes for next time

  • bring $5 in quarters
  • warm up until the face numbs before the swim start
  • work on the swim
  • spend some time on the tribars before the race

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