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Pedro's Mountain Bike Festival '98

9/25/98-9/27/98 marked the date of the 4th annual Pedro's Mountain Bike festival in Randolph, VT. A summary of events will follow, but for the time being take a look at the pics. Click on the images to see the images in full size.

Here's Lonnie showing off his "awesome rainproof" tent. Pedro's was definitely car camping. Heard snoring from three different directions during the night.


Here's a shot from the camping area. Looks empty now, but later that field was all filled up with campers.


Here's a shot from the northern edge of the camping area looking south. Plenty of Kyvo's spread around the camp made it easy access.


Here's a shot a little to the right of the previous picture. Back in those trees were some newly cut trails marked red, green, and blue. Okay warmup for Friday riding.


Low light conditions aren't exactly optimal for cameras, but this should give you an idea of the bonfire's size.


The Circus Ride (3 mountain passes, 45 miles, and 6000+ft of climbing)

The ride started at 8:30am when it was listed at starting at 8am (what do you expect from volunteer ride leaders). I did hear that all the rest of the rides started on time. About 60 people showed up for the start of this ride along with 4 ride leaders. Initally, there was a fast group and a slow group. Eventually, the groups would split even more. As we progressed from regroups at intersections, the ride leaders would ask the slowest of the riders to fall back to the next group (definitely one way to weed out the slow and keep the pace up). I ended up being in the fastest group of 12 riders.

The circus ride took us up some steep rutted fireroads and down the rocky fireroads as well. A water drop was supposed to occur during the middle of the route, but we reached the drop point too quickly. We ended up knocking on someone's door and filling up our CamelBak's with his hose. Vermont hose water is definitely clear and refreshing! Definitely tasted better than some bottled water I've had. No singletrack was to be had on this ride but I got a workout. We returned back to camp at about 3:30pm.

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