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Moosa '05

Sat Aug 6th
Registration Day
Woke up in Vermont and rode the Alpine Slides and the DevalKart rides on Bromley Mountain in Vermont. Said our goodbyes to Judy and started driving toward Bethel, ME. Judy had recently injured her arm and didn't want to subject it to a week of riding. Reached Bethel at 5:30pm after 4 hours of driving. Pitched the tent and went to the 6pm meeting to find out what's in store for the week of MOOSA.

Sun Aug 7th (Ride Day 1)
Bethel, ME to Errol NH
40 miles / 2110ft climbing
Greeted by the 5:30am morning zipping and packing. Ate some watery eggs and alright pancakes and waited for the day to warm up before riding. Grabbed a 6-pack in town and converged on Simon's campsite in the trees to get out of the sun. Grabbed another 6-pack during dinner as we waited for our food to be prepared.

Mon Aug 8th (Ride Day 2)
Errol, NH to Coaticook, Quebec
54 miles / 1950ft climbing
Met Rob and Lisa in the morning. Met Tim and Wilma in the evening. Nima joined us for dinner. This would complete the core group for the rest of the ride. We shared the common interest of riding, drinking, and being in no hurry to get our bags on the baggage truck by 8:30am. Not only do you sleep longer loading up the truck last, but the day warms up so you don't need to carry your arm warmers, leg warmers, and jackets that the 6am riders do.

During the ride, someone mentioned that it's no wonder there are no great Canadian road riders since the roads are so bad. There was a lot of thump thump thump from the road expansion cracks during this Canadian segment of the ride.

Tues Aug 9th (Ride Day 3)
Coaticook to Notre Dame des Bois
68 miles / 4410ft climbing
Rob and Lisa headed out early that morning. We eventually caught up to them at a bar at mile 50. Big Frank and other riders were downing beers at this location. This would be the day with the most climbing. Stopped at another bar before camp and met a local who greeted us in French with a bartender that translated with cut-to-the-chase responses. Nima pulled out his portable music and trivia card games that night.

Wed Aug 10th (Ride Day 4)
Notre Dame des Bois to Kingfield, ME
65 miles / 1960ft climbing
Got a great border crossing photo. Stopped at the Mooseville store and picked up the free pin. In Kingfield, Tim and Lonnie jumped off the bridge during the beer stop before camp.

Thur Aug 11th (Ride Day 5)
Kingfield, ME to Coos Canyon, ME
66 miles / 3910ft climbing
Awesome cliff diving at the Smalls Falls rest stop. Bo and Pete were the cliff diving fiends. More awesome cliff diving at the back of the camp in Coos Canyon. Bo knows diving.

Fri Aug 12th (Ride Day 6)
Coos Canyon, ME to Bethel, ME
40 miles / 1270ft climbing
Fast fun day with a covered bridge photo.

Cliff Diving Quicktime Movies
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Notes for Next Time

  • Screen camp neighbors before pitching tents. Find out if they zip and pack at 5:30am.
  • Avoid flying through St. Louis. Second time I missed a connection due to bad weather while returning from a bike trip and having to spend the night.

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