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Cycle Oregon 2003

Photos from Days 1-4

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day 1 downhill   
day 1 downhill   
day 1 camping   
Idaho Sign   
Spiderman Jerseys   
day 2 campsite   
banana toss   
river pic   
river pic   
tandem climb   
morning climb   
morning climb   
fire ring   
cold clouds   

Photos taken from 9/7/03 to 9/10/03.

Day 1 Sunday 9/7
Baker City to Farewell Bend State Park 51 miles (2100ft climb / 2400ft descent)
Easy downhill day. Good way to start the week.

Day 2 Monday 9/8
Farewell Bend State Park to Cambridge, ID 57 miles (2360ft climb / 1810ft descent)
Wind and rain kicked in around midnight. Stakes were in the ground and the tent stayed dry inside.

Day 3 Tuesday 9/9
Cambridge, ID to Halfway, OR 57 miles (3030ft climb / 3130ft descent)
Ride route wound along the Snake River. Got to setup the tent in the rain. Local weatherforecaster said it would be sunny for the rest of the week at announcements.

Day 4 Wednesday 9/10
Halfway, OR to Wallowa Lake State Park 77 miles (6620ft climb / 4920ft descent)
Day started out alright and then turned into a very cold and rainy day. The descents from the two peaks were at 42 degrees in the rain. Warmed up at the fire rings at the lunch stop.

Photos from Days 5-7

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