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Flume Trail

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Flume Trail Rock   
Flume Trail   
Flume Trail   
Red House Climb   
Flume Trail   
Red House Climb   
Marlette Lake Crossing   
Flume Trail   
Marlette Lake Rock   
Flume Trail   
Flume Trail   

Friday 6/1/2001
The Flume Trail is home to some of the best views of Lake Tahoe. The lake is viewable along most of the Flume's four mile stretch. Lonnie and Judy did the out and back loop for 20 miles starting from Spooner Lake while Brent and I rode the Red House Loop for an extra 3 miles and 1300ft of climb.

Friday 6/1/01
Saturday 6/2/01 Mr. Toad's Wild Ride
Sunday 6/3/01 America's Most Beautiful Bike Ride
Monday 6/4/01 Downieville

Now for Brent's version of events...

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